Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Background History

Joshua Monroe Brock

     I was born and raised in Canyon-Amarillo area. After graduating from Canyon High School in 2002; I did a 4 year stint in the United States Marine Corps. I was Honorably Discharged in 2006 and moved back home.  I married my High School girlfriend, Shannon Higgs, 2 years ago. 

    I worked at odd security jobs while going to college at West Texas A&M, but soon realized I wanted to try my hand in Real Estate, selling and buying Homes.  I have had years of experience helping my dad in my grandmothers rental business painting, repairing, roofing, and lawn work. I assisted my dad in completely gutting and remodeling my home that I bought as foreclosure.  I helped remodel my sister’s house that was purchased from another investor. I have helped my uncle in the building of his house.  

    I have had my share of accidents when it comes to do it yourself-jobs. I remember back in high school, I was helping my Uncle install a drop ladder in his house.  I remember him asking me to go get some more nails for his nail gun and then waking up in the hospital.  My dad and uncle told me that my head was slammed shut in the ladder.  That is how I now got my scar on my upper lip.  The ladder cut all the way through my lip.  I had to get several stitches to fix it.

    Real Estate runs in my family. I have an Aunt in Houston who is a Realtor, a cousin who is a Realtor/Broker in Dumas, another cousin who is a Realtor /Broker in Houston, an Uncle who is a Realtor in Plano, two  Uncles in Canyon who are into Property Rentals in Amarillo and Canyon, as well as my Dad.

    I feel that I have the experience offering anyone, who wants to buy or sell their home, the best representation there is. I know the Canyon-Amarillo area well and I believe that I can find the RIGHT home for you in todays market.